Saturday, September 5, 2020

Catching Up, Moving Forward (A Mental Ramble)


I realized when I woke up this morning that I have been neglecting the blog.  I thought about letting it go, but I don't really want to.  I have been writing and have been working on art, either of which I should just start sharing here instead of direct to social media.  That's something else I have toyed with letting go, but for now, while the pandemic is in full swing, I'm sticking around.  Instagram in particular has been a boon recently for art sales.  You can follow me here.  I post new art and process videos for my printmaking.

Which, after a fairly long hiatus, I have returned to doing.  I took a break because I wasn't sure why I was doing it.  Before the pandemic I decided to take some time off from doing art fairs.  I thought to myself, if I can't sell art why produce art?  Of course, that's not really the point of making art, is it?  I guess that was a mental rut that I found difficult to crawl out of.

But crawl I did.  Although the initial goal, as it were, was not necessarily get back into printmaking.  What led me back was my determination to start a daily sketch practice and a daily journal practice.  Each of these served to clear the clutter and cobwebs in my brain.  Each was a kind of daily meditation.  I have come back to printmaking with a renewed passion and still try to maintain the daily practice of journaling and sketching.

I still am not planning on returning to art fairs.  The pandemic has altered the art fair universe.  I doubt I will go back.

* * * *

And I have started writing poetry again.  Typewriter poetry.  Twenty-five years ago I wrote poetry, aspired to be a poet, read my poetry at Poetry Slam open mikes.  The well dried up pretty fast.  I lost the poetry that may have been inside me.  At the time I guess I blamed (or credited depending on your point of view) that I stopped drinking.  I couldn't get on stage without having a few belts of liquor in me.  

Yet recently I was inspired by a fellow Instagram artist blackadderpress who posts their typewriter poetry (which is amazing) on Instagram along with linocut prints (also amazing).  I started jotting down poems that usually came to me when I was unable to sleep (which is often).  Or I would try to sleep and a seed would be planted.  I have learned from experience you never say "I will write it down later, I will remember it" because you don't. Not ever.

And I bought a vintage typewriter.

I was afraid that I would be viewed as a copycat.  I messaged blackadderpress and let them know that I was inspired.  I was given their blessing.

I have rambled enough for one post.  I will, as always, endeavor to write more often.  This blog is my mental warehouse (or dumping ground for less organized days).  I hope to expand my readership.  I guess that goes without saying.  No one wants to write things that no one reads, right?

Peace and Blessings to you all.


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