Sunday, May 31, 2020

My New Wheels - Sort of a Review

I have been saving up since last Autumn for a new e-bike.  My old one, an iZip, had served me well but I completely fell in love with this one.  It's a RadRunner made by Rad Power Bikes out of the Seattle WA area.  It is described as a utility e-bike, which is perfect for me.

Between the saving, selling my iZip and another bike, I was finally able to buy the bike about 2 weeks ago. Rad Power is a direct to consumer bike manufacturer so I was not able to buy it locally (and not able to test drive it).  However, I immersed myself in the countless YouTube videos of reviews of the bike.  That convinced me it was the bike for me.

It is definitely not a traditional bike.  The wheels are 20" for starters.  The tires are 3.5 inches across, almost as wide as a motorcycle tire.  That certainly makes for a smoother ride.

The main reason, other than a daily commute, that I wanted this particular bike is simple.  I am once again endeavoring to sketch and draw more outside.  Urban sketching. Although due to the Covid-19 pandemic I'm not really able to hang out in coffee houses, it is Spring and there are a LOT of outdoor destinations to sketch.  I will definitely be able to carry any sketching equipment to wherever I need to go.

If you have ever thought of buying an e-bike, check out Rad Power Bikes.  They are a wonderful company with great customer service.  There is some very basic assembly required such as installing the front wheel, but the company has very detailed instructional videos on their website.

I woke to a beautiful morning and decided to make a time-lapse video of my morning ride!

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