Sunday, January 12, 2020

A New Found Passion

I am learning how to paint, and so far I think I'm doing pretty well.   I am watching YouTube videos, taking classes on Skillshare, checking out numerous books from the library.  I'm not just getting instruction books, which are only a small part of learning, but studying different painters work.  Robert Cenedello, Francis Bacon, Julian Schnabel, Magritte (of course!).

The video is the beginning steps in my third painting.  I already have plans for my 4th, 5th, and possibly 6th painting.  I'm not going to rush things, but I now have a solo show in March and I want to include at least a few paintings.

I tried in the past to paint.  There's a definite process that, well, that just didn't click. I think now I finally get it.  Over the last year I have worked on my drawing skills, my watercolor technique (and I still love watercolor!) and now acrylic painting.  When I want to learn something, I just dive in.  I want to absorb all I can about the medium.

As I have said before, I am taking a short hiatus from art fairs.  When I return I hope to have improved my skills enough to get into shows with my paintings. You never know...

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