Saturday, December 21, 2019

Morning Tea, Morning Sketch, Coffee Comes Later

I'm unsure what came over me.  Usually, on mornings that I have the opportunity to sleep in, I rarely do.  I wake early and the first thing I think of is that first cup of coffee.  Not this morning, no.  I woke up thinking I wanted a pot of tea.  When I said this to Valerie, half asleep, she asked me what I had done with her husband.  I replied, well, at least I didn't say herbal tea.  That seemed to satisfy her that I was the same person she fell in love with and not some tea-swilling pod person.

No, I love coffee.  In fact, now that I have had tea, I want coffee.  Espresso, to be specific.

I am a coffee addict and I freely admit this.  There are worse things and of this I am speaking personally.  I was a heavy smoker for 20 years.  At one point it was a 3-4 pack a day habit.  I quit in 2001 and now I can't stand to be around cigarette smoke.  I am glad I finally quit and have no desire to ever start again.  I think I started, like many people did, to be cool.  Now I realize I am cool without them.

Even though I call myself a coffee addict, usually only drink 1-2 (very large) cups a day during the week.  I know there are those who aspire to Voltairean* amounts of coffee consumption.  I don't like being jittery, so I will stick with my current consumption.

I know I have said this before, several times, but I hope to post more blog entries more often.  I have been averaging about once a month.  I realize that is hardly often enough to hold an interest.  It's not a New Year's resolution, but I would ideally like to average once a week.  We shall see.

Now I think I need to make some coffee...

Blessings and Happy Solstice!

*Voltaire, author of Candide, is said to have drunk 40-50 cups of coffee a day.

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