Saturday, September 7, 2019

Waking Music, Reading Music

It's just before 8 am on a Saturday morning and I chose to not sleep in.  I have plenty to do but nothing really I have to do.  No deadlines, no ongoing projects.  I will probably straighten up my studio to make it more tolerable to work in.  I am at peace this morning with, for want of a better term, doing nothing.

And I am waking up to strong coffee and a jazz playlist. I like to wake slowly on my days off from The Job.  Sometimes I like to wake up to Classical music but I usually reserve that when for reading.  This morning, this playlist is suitable for a slow waking.

So, once again, it's hermit time, at least for the morning.  I am venturing out later to an illustrators meetup.  Usually I dread social events but today, I am actually excited. Usually, hermit time means just that.  All weekend I don't venture out.  I am also at peace with that.

And it's a beautiful day.  Summer is coming to an eventual close.  Autumn is my favorite time of year.  My creativity increases, I get more reading in.  The temperature lends itself to both. The air seems to conduct creative energy and it all just pours in.  Although I mentioned that I have no deadlines to speak of, I still have plenty to do.  Mostly self-generated projects.  I am doing The Postcard Project, drawing random and assorted postcards that I am offering up on my Ko-Fi page.  You can read more about the project by clicking on the Postcard Project link.

And what is Ko-Fi?  It's where people can go to buy an artist/creator a virtual coffee for $3 as a way of supporting their art.  Think of it as a tip jar for an artist.  With my ko-fi page, the more coffees you buy me, the more of my art I send you.  For instance, 2 coffees gets you a hand drawn postcard, delivered right to your door.

Buy Me a Coffee at

I hope everyone has the day they are wishing for.  I have some reading to catch up on...

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