Saturday, August 17, 2019


Over the last couple years, I kind of fell away from keeping a sketchbook.  I focused on printmaking, doing art fairs (which takes up a lot of time and energy in itself) and well, it just happened.  I would carry the sketchbook around but never seem to put anything in it.

The, it started happening again without me really trying.  It was a series of events, you could say.  First, I started reading more.  In earnest.  And real books, not e-reader books.  That led to taking notes on what I was reading, which then led to keeping a journal.  I started adding small doodles to my journal entry, nothing too involved.  

I have had a annual membership to Skillshare since November of last year.  Within the last few weeks, I started to take advantage of the classes that are offered.  Drawing, watercolor, Urban Sketching, Design.  There is a lot! If you are interested, just follow the link above.  You get two free months and I get a free month.  It's 99 dollars a year and in my opinion, well worth it.

Anyway, so I'm drawing and sketching again.  I have been also drawing artist trading cards and postcards.  I offer these on, where you can get original artwork from me by buying me a virtual coffee (or two).  Click the link or click the "Buy Me a Coffee" button on the right sidebar.

So, you will be seeing more sketches from me amongst the poetry and book reviews.  Please let me know what you think.  I love getting comments.

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