Saturday, March 2, 2019

Jazz in the Morning and the Promise of Spring

It's another winter day and I am waking up to this awesome playlist. 

I have spent the last few weeks in a creative slump that just the thought of Spring has snapped me out of.  I am working my way toward spending less time holed up in the apartment.  Yes, I'm cutting back on my hermit time, which will make the hermit time I take more appreciated.  With all the warm cafes there are around the Madison area there are plenty of places to go and sketch and/or read.  I have been slacking in both of those areas.

Take heart, Spring really is on it's way.  I will tolerate the change to Daylight Savings only because that means Winter is finally over. I will be posting more about my excursions out, with the accompanying sketches and pics.  Creativity needs outside stimulation.  There is a time to engage and a time to withdraw.  I am overdrawn and it's time to get some fresh air and to get the creativity flowing again.

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