Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Deconstructing Hermit Time - A Pie Chart

At the behest of my friend Edmund, I have decided to write a hermit time manifesto.  Who knows how long it will take me? I foresee a work in progress that will be written without deadline and at my leisure. I will post progress (or lack thereof) on this blog.  I won't say I will serialize because hermit time is all about the stream of conscious ramblings and and an ever changing path.  

Why is hermit time important?  Well, I am not only trying to be a full time sustainable artist.  During last summer I did 12 art fairs in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.  I also work a 40 hour a week job that I really don't like. It is like what I imagine working 2 full time jobs. Hermit time, the time I have to myself (or alone with Valerie) is the glue that keeps me from unraveling.

I know people who say they don't like being alone.  I sympathize.  Maybe it's not for everyone.  Some people thrive in crowds.  Crowds terrify me.  I thrive when I am alone with my thoughts, making art, reading, and yes, goofing off.  Hermit time, which for me is Friday night to Sunday night, makes Monday slightly more tolerable.

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