Saturday, December 8, 2018

The Hermit Rants Once More

I could say that I haven't posted in a while because I've been busy. I have spent time in the studio, yes. I've also been wasting a lot of my time doing nothing productive, like spending way too much time on Facebook and Twitter.  I am endeavoring to change that in the next few weeks.

Oh, I know, of course the year is coming to an end and everyone will make these resolutions they'll most likely not keep.  I am not doing this as a New Year's Resolution, it's just timed that way.

I need to participate in more activities that are enriching.  Facebook and Twitter are not enriching, not in the least.  I log on, I see people share other people's posts (that are originally posted by someone else), or their dinner, or their alcohol they have chosen for the evening. or their pets.  I'm guilty of that, too.  They say admitting you have a problem....well, you know.

I have been thinking about doing this for some time, long before the New Year's Resolution talk started.  I have been reading more.  I'm on a Raymond Chandler kick, currently reading The High Window. I have a stack of books ready to read.  Yes, actually books.  I am weaning myself off of the Kindle.  More about that at a later date.

I also signed up for a year of Skillshare.  It's a website full of online classes.  My focus, of course, is art and art related business (freelancing, bookkeeping for artists, etc.) There's so much more. Cooking, writing, photography, computers, and much more.  I recommend it.  It's $99 a year for the premium level. That's $8.25 per month for unlimited classes.  Oh, and full disclosure:  If you follow the link and decide to sign up for 2 months of premium, I get extra time tacked on to my membership. 

So I guess this is less of a rant and more just a check-in.  I have been busy but my goal is to be busy with the things that matter.  I'm not leaving Facebook or Twitter any time soon, but other than an occasional post or something I automatically share (like my Etsy shop) I'm not sure I'm going to be as much of a presence on social media.  It's just become too cluttered and it's time for a change

I know, famous last words.

And in parting:

  • Have a good holiday however you choose to celebrate. 
  • Don't ignore magic when it occurs
  • Tell someone you love that you love them.  
  • Be kind to yourself and others. 
  • Engage in the things that matter, reject the psychic and emotional noise  that comes from every day life.  
  • Be a hermit at least once a week. 

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