Sunday, November 18, 2018

Balanescu Quartet - Democracy

From the 1994 Mute Records release "Luminitza."  The song, written by Alexander Balanescu, refers to the struggle to form a democracy after the 1989 fall of Nicolae Ceasescu in Romania.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Hermit Music

While not officially Winter, it is cold outside.  This morning there is about a half inch of snow on the ground.  Hermit time is never that difficult, but when it's colder, it's even easier.  I plan on spending most of the day in the studio.  I have all the requirements needed to stay indoors:  food, coffee, movies, music, and posdcasts.  I have plenty of ideas for new artwork, so much I should probably make a list.  There is always a list in my head but the items are always changing, being forgotten, being displaced by new items, disappearing after a good night's sleep.

The other list in my head that keeps floating to the surface is The Hermit Time Manifesto, an ongoing work in progress.  

Last night I had a dream that I was trying to explain the Philip Glass opera Akhnaten.  I was very passionate in trying to get them to listen, even if they were (apparently) unfamiliar with Glass's work.  I am generally unfamiliar with most opera and perhaps that can change, but Akhnaten is one of my favorite pieces to listen to when it is Hermit Time.  If you are a fan of Philip Glass and have not listened to it, by all means, please do.  I recommend either headphones or, if you want to intrigue your neighbors, higher volume.  Of course, if you are trying to get mind work (reading, art, et cetera) perhaps a lower volume is suitable.

That being said, you can guess what I will be listening to this morning.

I have a collection, so to speak, of music that I designate "morning music."  The criteria, although not hard and fast, is that the music must be instrumental, not too quiet, not too rousing.  Some examples are

  • The later works of Philip Glass (especially those performed by Kronos Quartet)
  • Balanescu Quartet (any and all)
  • Erik Satie, Gymnopedie
  • Zoe Keating 
  • Gavin Bryars

Do you have any recommendations for morning music?  Leave them in the comments.

Well, on to my second cup of coffee.  I'm almost ready to get to work on art.  I suppose I should also get proper clothing on.  

I hope that you can, if you are seeking, find your own hermit time.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Bill Hicks - It's Just a Ride

I have to trot this one out once in a while if only to remind myself of Bill Hicks' message.  It comes from a man who we lost all to soon and I have to say there needs to be more Bill Hicks in this world and a lot less scaremongers and bedwetters.

You've never heard of Bill Hicks?  There is more on YouTube and on Amazon Prime.  Check him out.  Maybe he will help you open your eyes a little.  He definitely had a way of looking at things.