Saturday, October 27, 2018

The Concept of Hermit Time

I rarely sleep in on the weekends.  On days I have to work, I struggle to get out of bed.  Saturday and Sunday morning, however, I am usually ready to start the day at 7:30 in the morning.  Just add coffee...

So yes, it's early and I'm awake and ready to start work in the studio.  I'm listening to The Decemberists for my morning music.  I have coffee to drink, music to get lost in, movies to watch, and no desire to go outside and interact.  All the ingredients necessary for "hermit time."

And what is hermit time, you ask?  It's recharging the psyche, resting the body, enjoying the quiet.  It's being able to listen to the noise (or otherwise) of your own choosing.  It's even something so simple and mundane as having your coffee in a glass or ceramic cup.  It's all of these things and more.  And to me, it's as necessary as the air I breathe or the food I need.

Some might call it self-care but I hesitate to do so.  That phrase is overused and is now co-opted as an excuse to blow off prior commitments.  "Oh I'm sorry I ruined our plans to have dinner, I needed self-care"  The idea of hermit time is, instead of breaking engagements, not making the plans in the first place.  For example, "I'm sorry I can't make it on that day, can we do it some other day?"  See the difference.  Hermit time hurts no one and can be beneficial for all involved.

In the coming months, I will write more about hermit time.  I hope that some day it will result in a more cohesive manifesto.  I have been asked by several people to explain what hermit time is and, well, I think it is a good focus of this blog.  Because another aspect of hermit time is, by all means, coffee before pants!  

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